Aims and Scope

Aim: To drive forward the field of Environmental (abiotic) stresses by providing a high-quality evidence base for scientists, managers and policymakers

"Environmental Stresses in Crop Sciences' is a journal publishing novel, high-impact scientific articles on both experimental and modelling research at the field, farm and landscape level as well as economical greenhouses on the responses of crops to abiotic stresses, with a focus on crop ecology, physiology, agronomy, and plant genetics and breeding. The journal's focus is major field crops for food and feed. Other species, including important medicinal crops and halophytes, could be considered if they contribute to the basic understanding of processes related to adaptation and acclimation of field crops under stressful condition. Horticultural (i.e., vegetable and fruit species), are outside the scope of the journal. Reviews and opinion papers covering the various subject areas are solicited; authors should contact the Editors-in-Chief before submission of a review or an opinion paper in order to establish the journal's interest in the topic and nature of the paper. Contributions dealing with emerging topics are especially welcomed.


Special topics:

  • Water stress (deficient or excessive water)
  • Salinity and saline stress
  • Extreme temperatures (Cold, Chilling and Heat stresses)
  • Heavy metal stress
  • Radiation stress (including UV, shading and high light stresses)
  • Oxidative stress
  • Soil condition (e.g. soil compaction)
  • Nutrient deprivation
  • Mechanical stress